The Magellan Difference

At Magellan, we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of what’s happening in digital content delivery, video analytics, app development, and backend services. We’re growing in so many different directions, sometimes it’s hard to keep up! Here we’ve summarized what we believe our strengths to be.

The Magellan Difference

Video Analytics

Video has come a long way since the days when it was primarily used by security companies to catch criminals in the act. We’ve connected today’s cutting-edge analytics to video capabilities to offer businesses in a variety of industries unique and innovative solutions to their problems.

Here’s an example: imagine grocery store managers challenged with taking inventory on a regular basis being able to walk through their stores wearing Google Glass. As they scan the store, data on inventory needs is updated to the system. Orders can be placed automatically. There’s no human error interfering with a rote and regular activity. This is what video analytics can do.

Our software allows cameras to:

  • Differentiate between human, animal, and machine

  • Identify pre-programmed objects

  • Track motion

  • Record time and location

  • Send alerts via SMS, push notifications and/or email based on detection


Content Delivery

Your customers want content, be it in the form of movies, music, images, or anything else. The way content delivery has worked up until now, you’ve had to rely on third party distributors like iTunes or Google Play. Sure, they’re mass distributors of content and can get your content to a large audience, but they limit where a customer can access that content. If you buy a movie on iTunes, you can only watch it on your iPad or iPhone. But what about the user who wants to take that video to his Android phone?

Our M2 Server™ has changed the game completely.

Using our proprietary system, you become your own content distributor, and help your customers access their content anywhere, and from any device. The kicker? We charge a lot less than the big boys, and you get to own the content delivery system in the form of a custom-built application.


Custom Mobile Apps

From plug-and-play features to one-of-a-kind custom app builds, our app development branch has exactly what you need to build a competitive app that will increase your revenues and attract a wider audience.

And we’re smart about it. We use a common code base, which means the applications we build for you can be quickly and inexpensively modified to work with any operating system – no need to build separate apps for Android and iOS. You save time and money, and get your app deployed across all mobile application stores. That’s more revenue in your pocket.



Whether you’re an app developer or an enterprise with its own mobile division, you need somewhere to store those masses of data that your app creates daily. And you need it scalable so that it won’t break as your user base grows.

Our M2 Server™ is a backend platform that houses and delivers content, mobile apps, websites, web services, and other applications with the speed your customers want and have come to expect.  That means your customers get streaming video with no buffering, instant access to the latest version of your app, and flawless and expedient connection to your website, no matter what device they’re on.


We Make a Difference…For Your Business

At Magellan, we’re striving to stay ahead of the curve so that you can be competitive in your field. We work with telcos, retail, enterprise, healthcare, entertainment…the list goes on. Because the truth is: every industry needs cutting-edge technology that will help them remain relevant to their customers.

How can Magellan help you today?

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