Jeffery Gignac

Jeffery Gignac is a world leader and innovator in brainwave entrainment and stimulation
technology. With this app you'll be able to stream Passive Brain Fitness™ Audio and Video
technology right from your mobile device so you can "Build Your Mental Muscles Without
Breaking a Sweat".

Passive Brain Fitness™ is a class of audio and visual brain building technologies that
exercises your brain for long-term benefits while instantly improving your mental
processing power, memory and focus.


Just Like You

Just Like You is a cross platform social media system designed to bring people together
in a fun, safe environment where they can share their interests, ailments and afflictions.

The Just Like You platform was developed leveraging the Matric Server and Matric SDK™
to create a highly scalable, flexible, cross platform solution.

Development includes: iOS app, Android app, website, graphic design, web design, and
UI design.



Megafone is a social network that helps users get things done.

More efficient than phone, text, email and large social networks, Megafone gets you help from close family
and friends for any situation (daily needs, tasks and events and for unexpected emergencies).

Each situation has its own help group that can be alerted with a single tap.

Megafone is currently available for iOS with V2 coming out in Q1 2015.


Coming in 2015!

The Reel Deal Reality Show - a Four Day Film Challenge Where 7 Teams Compete For The Honor
of Being Named The Reel Deal! A multi-platform reality television show which will span across
social media, mobile, web and traditional television distribution platforms.

The Reel Deal will fill a gap in reality television through an innovative and interactive competition
model that draws from its indie-filmmaking roots. The mobile app will feature actor profiles, voting
platform, ways to connect through social media and much more.

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