Mobile App Development by Magellan

Consumers are flocking to their mobile devices for content and services. They’re viewing websites, accessing the companies, and the services they want through mobile devices.

As a business leader, you need to be where your customers are, on their mobile device. Mobile connects you with your customers and prospects, allowing you to engage with them, learn more about them, sell to them, and ultimately, drive more revenue for your business.

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Enterprise mobile apps are complicated. You need robust, secure, easy-to-integrate applications built on time and under budget.

Small Business

Matric™, a small business mobile app development platform, builds you a custom mobile app in days, not weeks or months.


Magellan has 10+ years of experience in custom software development, building innovative products and bringing them to market.

The need is clear. So, why isn’t everyone doing it?

It’s expensive. Building a mobile app used to cost hundreds of thousands dollars, and required separate development for each platform (iOS, Android, etc.). It was a long, expensive process and most companies simply could not afford it.

Now you can.

M2 Matric’s advanced mobile app building platform provides you with a custom app for all your business needs, that’s cost effective and quick to deploy. M2 Matric is a powerful platform that allows companies of all sizes to build, integrate, deploy and manage mobile apps on Android and iOS, at an affordable price

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For the long term.

M2 Matric knows that going mobile is about long-term value for your clients, brands and products. Once your powerful and affordable M2 Matric app is built, there is no need to develop any other app for your business. An M2 Matric app grows as your needs grow. Using customizable plug-ins, you can build your unique business processes, products or features you want to add to your M2 Matric app to fit your business needs as you grow.

Custom Made For You

Design an app that integrates the look and feel of your existing branding. Build a custom app using M2 Matric’s built-in features or create your own to give your customers exactly what they want.

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Make More Money

Add more revenue to your bottom line without having to build (and pay for) the infrastructure to support it. Posting your app to multiple marketplaces will attract new users and retain customers and have you in the palm of their hands.

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mobile apps - integrate social networking

Get Social

Integrate your various social networking and 3rd party services: users can like your Facebook page, follow your tweets and check in on your Yelp! profile, and use any number of other services easily, all from inside your app. Integration with popular social networks increases your audience and customer base and helps build loyalty.

Engage Users

Use features like push notifications, and calendar integration to stay in touch with your customers. Drive traffic during lull periods, draw them in for special events and make sure they read your communications and stay in the front of their mind.

Take your app to the next level

You’ve built your app and your customers are loving it, but what next? Magellan Professional Services can build for you the next generation features that will set your business apart from the competition.

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