Matric-Server™:  Cloud services

We provide “hands on” assistance with small to large deployments, of any instance size, across a spectrum of applications ranging from mobile, payments (i.e., in-app, pay-per-view, download, subscription, and merchandising), interactive websites, and IoT devices.

In today’s environment, any sophisticated software application contemplated for development will require a server sitting in the cloud to manage mobile apps, interactive websites, IoT devices, payments and interface to legacy systems and process.  Key cloud server features should include, security (i.e., stored and communicated data), authentication, analytics engine, messaging, OTT, QoS/OoE monitoring, and payment gateway integration (i.e. traditional-credit / debit card, ACH, PayPal, money order, unbanked, etc.).

Matric™-Server handles mobile any app coding requirements, maintenance, and infrastructure.  All scalable, fault tolerant, and geographic redundant to provide optimal uptime.

Matric-Server™ is a backend server platform that provides mobile apps, websites, web services and any other applications the support needed to quickly expand and scale.  Matric-Server™ saves you money, improves performance and offers easy 3rd party integration (including your current systems).

The benefits of using Matric-Server™ for your cloud services:

  • Low-resource development – You get the apps you want using minimal IT and engineering resources.
  • Cross platform apps – You reach more customers, faster: Android, iOS, Windows, Fire, Mozilla (i.e., smartphones, tablets, and wearable computers), SIM Application Toolkit (STK), PC, Mac, and embedded IoT devices.
  • Quick updates – Your apps simply update simultaneously across platforms, so your users don’t have to wait.
  • Low-overhead maintenance – Your developers concentrate on user experience while Magellan’s engineers manage application cloud services.
  • Security and scalability – You can rest easy knowing Matric-Server™’s bundled infrastructure manages scalability, security, performance and other operational headaches.