Matric-SDK™ – Mobile App Development Platform

For mobile app developers, Magellan provides a complete SDK for mobile app development against Matric-Server™.  Focus on creating unique & engaging apps on any mobile device. We take care of everything else your app needs, from data storage, user management, location services, streaming media to secure messaging.

Custom Software

No matter what the software project, the Magellan team has the experience and proven track record of delivery to manage all of your software development needs.

Over the past 15 years, Magellan’s core team has patented (in most cases) and developed such innovated products as BT Cellnet’s original Pay & Go, iBEAM’s video streaming platform, QoS / QoE solutions for 3G / 4G LTE mobile, mobile authentication for the U.S. Federal Government[1], CDNs for Loral Space Systems, advanced computer vision for retail auditing[2], object recognition technology with advertising applications, and data migration tools for some of the largest corporate enterprises around the world – A current partial list of clients, includes Deloitte, Robert Half International, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, among many content providers and video, healthcare, and gaming associated startup companies.

Magellan is a San Francisco based software development company with significant depth in telecommunications, vast experience in technology and a focus on mobile applications and cloud-server development.  Magellan offers its Matric-Server™ cloud platform as a service and develops custom end-to-end software solutions for its customers that range in size from large Fortune 500 companies and government entities to smaller technology startup companies.

Along with mobile apps and server development, Magellan actively develops advanced video applications and platforms involving video analytics, computer vision, video infrastructure, data migration for large enterprises, healthcare monitoring solutions, a platform for gaming and security, encryption, and authentication.

  • Computer vision providing leading edge image detection (i.e., identification of any person, car or any other object by still and motion picture feeds).
  • Still and motion picture image processing, providing advanced image processing (e.g., Instagram for still picture and Viddy for motion picture).
  • Deployed architectures for mobile application and server side processing of video compression.
  • Video infrastructure to scale massive amounts of different video inputs to tag, sort and process video (still and motion picture).
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Any language to support video detection enabling automated character recognition, which can be combined with image detection.
  • Image effects processing. Video filtering for color, brightness, depth, images to stand out, etc.
  • Video processing and infrastructure by means of neural networking.
  • Adaptive video streaming with MPEG4 (built from ground up). Rewrote MPEG4.
  • Have built two Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and are in the process of developing a third CDN (i.e., Akamai gaming related content).
  • Extensive scalable, critical up-time and efficient server platforms.
  • Extensive mobile application development, including low-level proprietary O/S integrations. SIM / USIM / Secure Element Applet development, including OTA and TSM experience for Applet distribution.
  • Web development and web services integration.

Software Skillsets

  • IOS – Objective-C, Xcode – iPAD/iPhone et al.
  • Android – Java, Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • Xamarian – C# cross platform core mobile coding
  • Java Server
  • Rabbit MQ – Messaging Architectures
  • MYSQL, SQL, Oracle, DB2 and many other Databases
  • Content Delivery Network design
  • Amazon Web Service Integration and hosting
  • IBM Watson integration
  • C# .NET
  • PHP
  • ColdFusion
  • Web Services – SOAP, JAX/RPC, HRXML, Sales Force XML, Work Day, JSON/REST, and RESTful.
  • Jetty
  • Hibernate (Java/.NET both)
  • Spring Frameworks (Java/.NET)
  • Servlets
  • Video Transcoding
  • Audio Transcoding
  • Multimedia manipulating
  • Computer vision via OpenCV and EMGU
  • Distributed Architectures for Scaling
  • Linux, Windows Hosting customization

Digital Arts / Graphics

  • All Adobe sweet (we license)
  • Custom Graphics
  • ART
  • User Interfaces
  • UI Flow
  • Screen Casts
  • First Webinar is launching in a week
  • Custom video editing
  • Can view clients to see
  • Custom mobile interfaces

Note: Mechanical, electrical engineering, IP analysis, and marketing not provided