M2 Now Cuts Out the Middle Man on Content Delivery

Up until now, if you had content in the form of videos, music, pictures, et cetera, you were forced to get it to your customers through distribution channels like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, or various music and content delivery networks.

 M2 Now Cuts Out the Middle Man on Content Delivery

The problems with this system are:

  • Your customers can only play or view their content through a single platform

  • You give a bigger cut to these big players

  • You can’t get real insight into how and when your customers are accessing your content

  • You can’t deliver meaningful opportunities to your customers based on their actions.

Frustrating, isn’t it? Not to worry: all that is about to change.

Magellan has created a groundbreaking combination of technology and media delivery to web and mobile (OTT) with its M2 Server™ and Matric™ development platforms for smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android and Windows as a one-code base).  


What That Means

You can now distribute content directly to your custom mobile apps. No more middle man. You now become a catalyst to drive cross-over audiences, with a viewer/listener experience that simply hasn’t existed thus far.  

You can target advertising in real time, and see better results, thanks to the rich viewer/listener interaction you get. And leveraging the ability to deploy a single custom app by each artist/content provider gives you unparalleled branding and loyalty opportunities.

Not only that, but you drastically increase your revenues. We all know what content providers like iTunes charge to get your content distributed. We charge much less than they do, so that puts money back in your pocket.

Why Your Customers Love It

With our content delivery system, your customers are no longer restricted to where they can access that video or song. They can now take it from device to device, regardless of platform. So they’re not limited to watching a movie only on an Apple device, or listening to a song through their Android phone.

If you choose to pass your cost savings down to your customers, you instantly increase your market share. That Katie Perry song is the same, whether a fan buys it on iTunes, Google Play, or your proprietary app, so who wouldn’t want to pay less for the same song?

Put Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Customers’ Actions

Never have you been able to track analytics around viewer or listener behavior through a mobile app the way you can with our content delivery network.  Integration with social media lets you offer value-add extras, backstage sneak peeks, access to live events, etc. All of these highly-targeted add-ons create an experience for your customers that is arguably the next generation of media delivery.


Who Else Gets It?

Not only has Magellan become an early adopter of this technology (and helped you to also jump on this wave), other examples include U2’s exclusive delivery of its new content to iTunes.   

Magellan is already collaborating with artists and content providers, as well as seeking others who want to collaborate to share in the revenue and royalties for successful programs. These collaborators include:

  • Content providers

  • Technology partners

  • App developers

  • Musicians and bands

Magellan is a San Francisco-based leading developer of OTT, mobile apps, and media delivery infrastructure. We’re changing the way consumers access content, as well as shaking up the way businesses like yours make money from selling that content.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can improve the quality of your content delivery, as well as increase your bottom line. Contact us to find out how our content delivery network can help you drive results and create rabid fans.

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