Image and Video Analysis Software by Magellan

You use cameras in just about every area of your life. But even thousands of pictures won’t give you useful intelligence if you can’t analyze the data.

Magellan’s image and video analysis software allows cameras to:

  • Differentiate between human, animal and machine
  • Identify pre-programmed objects
  • Track motion
  • Record time and location
  • Send alerts via SMS, push notifications and/or email based on detection

Magellan’s Matric-ServerTM scales to handle vast amounts of image processing so you never worry about overloading the system. And like all Matric-supported services, Magellan’s visual computing solutions run on all major platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Our engineering team has extensive experience with computer vision projects including: license plate identification, retail end-cap auditing, and store inventory monitoring.

image and video analysis software

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