What is Gesture Recognition?

what is gesture recognitionYou use it on your phone, and with your favorite video game console, but you might not even realize what this technology is. Welcome to the future: it’s gesture recognition.

Just when you think we can’t make any more breakthroughs in technology, we do. And while we’ve been using gesture recognition for years (the XBox Kinect was released in 2012 to the public), there’s been a push forward for more applications to use it in the past year or so.

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Why a Common Code Base for Mobile Development Matters

Why a Common Code Base for Mobile Development MattersMobile app developers will feel my pain here, though maybe you less technically inclined folks won’t even be aware of the situation: you develop a fantastic app- I’m talking the next Flappy Birds. But, it’s only programmed for Apple products. Or Android.  And you know that to really make a splash in the app market, you need it available on both platforms, not to mention Windows and BlackBerry. But they all have their own programming language.

For mobile app developers, that means plenty more late nights of programming in your future. For businesses who hire these developers to create apps, it means more cost and time to market.

Does this sound familiar?

What if I told you it didn’t have to be this big pain in the app? What if you could design your app once and have it work on any operating system? Pshaw, you say. That’s a pipe dream.

Only it’s not.

Welcome to the Common Code Base

At Magellan, we’ve got plenty of experience designing mobile apps, so we know what a pain reproducing an app for each OS can be. That’s why we’re proud to offer a common code base. That means the applications we build for you can be quickly and inexpensively modified to work with any operating system – no need to build separate apps for Android and iOS. Time and cost are reduced and future updates are simple to make.

Major phone operating systems such as Android and iOS are structurally different in their architecture. It is no wonder, therefore, that both cause massive trouble for developers trying to make apps that cut across their products. Google and Apple encourage code to be written in contradicting ways, making it very difficult for programmers to write a singular code base that is efficient on both platforms. It also means that developers will have to duplicate code and keep tweaking it to work for both platforms. For businesses like yours, that means you pay for each operating system you want your app to work on. Who wants that?

The solution is in the cloud computing.  Magellan’s M2 cloud server houses a tool that writes the code, which is written in a particular software language and then the tool translates it to the various languages.

In layman terms, say we write code in English, yet the French, German and Spanish speaking countries need it translated. The tool that exists in M2 is literally a translator.  So no matter what operating system the platform is being run on, the tool writes code and then translates it to the various languages.  When something needs to be added into the app, the code is written, the tool translates and it spits out an updated version or addition to the app.

Why It Rocks

Using a common code base helps all sized businesses and enterprises to take control of their digital strategy by delivering consistent app experiences across the multitude of devices available today and in the future. You can build an app once and provide the app to every channel – smartphones, desktop, tablets, and more.

As user expectations grow, you need ways to simplify and streamline app design, development and deployment. Hand coding apps for multiple devices is too time-consuming, produces inconsistent results, and is way too expensive. Common code base fits the bill, and helps you look like a rock star.



Image: PhotoSpin

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5 Reasons to Consider Custom App Development

5 Reasons to Consider Custom App DevelopmentIf you’re trying to muddle through developing a mobile app on your own, you might be struggling if you’re not a professional app designer. Or maybe you’re a programmer, but lack design skills. Or a Marketing Manager without the tech team to help you in-house.

If the process of getting an app developed is filled with obstacles, you’re less likely to even finish the project. And that means you’ll have wasted time and money rather than invested in a new stream of revenue with your mobile app.

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Could Your Mobile App Use a Visual Overhaul?

Could Your Mobile App Use a Visual Overhaul?If you’re a programmer at heart, designing an appealing, visually friendly app may not be your forte. You could have the neatest app in the world, but if users don’t like the looks of it, your app sales will never hit your goals, and you might not even recuperate your investment. You’ll then assume mobile apps can’t help your business (which simply isn’t true).

How to Know if Your App Lacks Visual Appeal

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4 Challenges for Telcos in the Over-the-Top (OTT) Era

4 Challenges for Telcos in the Over-the-Top EraNow that the telco industry is loosening its grip on soon-to-be-antiquated means of delivering content, we’re seeing a new generation open up to OTT content (that’s “over-the-top”). It’s clear that the old way of running telco and cable companies is no longer relevant, so these major corporations are scrambling to catch up.

Here are a few of the challenges we’ve noted in the industry.

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3 Must-Have Mobile Technologies (and How Magellan Can Help)

3 Must-Have Mobile Technologies (and How Magellan Can Help)For so long, we’ve looked to the future for what’s coming soon in terms of technology. The smart kitchen was, for a long time, nothing more than a pipe dream for most consumers. Now it’s a reality. Flying cars were also way off in the future (well, we may not be there yet, but self-driving cars are definitely on the way). It’s been the same with other industries, including mobile.

But the future has arrived. We’re in the midst of exciting times in the mobile tech space, a point well validated in Gartner’s recent research entitled Top 10 Mobile Technologies and Capabilities for 2015 and 2016. And we don’t have to look to the future anymore to find intuitive and easy-to-use tools for mobile app development.

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