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What is Gesture Recognition?

You use it on your phone, and with your favorite video game console, but you might not even realize what this technology is. Welcome to the future: it’s gesture recognition. Just when you think we can’t make any more breakthroughs in technology, we do. And while we’ve been using gesture recognition for years (the XBox […]

5 Reasons to Consider Custom App Development

If you’re trying to muddle through developing a mobile app on your own, you might be struggling if you’re not a professional app designer. Or maybe you’re a programmer, but lack design skills. Or a Marketing Manager without the tech team to help you in-house. If the process of getting an app developed is filled […]

Could Your Mobile App Use a Visual Overhaul?

If you’re a programmer at heart, designing an appealing, visually friendly app may not be your forte. You could have the neatest app in the world, but if users don’t like the looks of it, your app sales will never hit your goals, and you might not even recuperate your investment. You’ll then assume mobile […]

4 Challenges for Telcos in the Over-the-Top (OTT) Era

Now that the telco industry is loosening its grip on soon-to-be-antiquated means of delivering content, we’re seeing a new generation open up to OTT content (that’s “over-the-top”). It’s clear that the old way of running telco and cable companies is no longer relevant, so these major corporations are scrambling to catch up. Here are a […]