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Outsourcing Increases for Telco IT

If you’re one of the many telco companies that outsources its IT, you’re not alone. In a recent survey by The Global IT Association for Telecommunications (ETIS) and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), we see that the outsourcing spend for this industry is slowly on the rise. In 2013, IT outsourcing accounted for 26% of total […]

Will Net Neutrality Ever Actually Exist?

The debate over net neutrality rages on. Some Internet service providers have been accused of putting certain services in the “slow lane,” resulting in more frustration for consumers to access content and media. Their own services — or those of companies they’ve partnered with (read: been paid by) get better and faster service. Given that the Internet […]

Apple Understands the Importance of the CDN

We’ve been talking a lot about content here on the Magellan blog lately. It’s because content delivery is shifting before our very eyes. Up until recently, everyone — even the big players like Apple — relied on third party service providers to get their content to their customers. Now, when I say content, I typically […]

The Magellan Difference

At Magellan, we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of what’s happening in digital content delivery, video analytics, app development, and backend services. We’re growing in so many different directions, sometimes it’s hard to keep up! Here we’ve summarized what we believe our strengths to be.