App Business Podcast interview with Magellan CEO Greg McGregor

Greg_Head_ShotChris Chidgey and David David Pfahler of The App Business Podcast interviewed Magellan Holdings, LLC CEO Greg McGregor.

Listen in as Chris and David interviewed Greg, who is an engineer, serial entrepreneur, and the CEO of Magellan Holdings, LLC.

In this podcast, Greg talks about his experience working with backend as a service for almost 20 years, He also introduces Magellan’s enterprise services including M2, Magellan’s cloud backend as a service (BaaS) and Matric(TM) – a powerful but simple app builder targeted for small and medium sized businesses.

  • Greg’s experience on working with cas a service
  • How M2 Cloud Services works and what differentiates it from CloudKit or Amazon’s Cognito
  • M2 Matric – a powerful app builder targetted for small businesses at a small business price
  • What technical ability does users need to have before using M2’s cloud services
  • How businesses can avail of Magellan’s enterprise offerings
  • What does Greg find exciting or interesting in the mobile space over the next 6-12 months

This is part one of a series. Keep an eye out for the second one which will cover Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agents.

Click here to listen to the podcast interview.

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